In Memory

Max McNees Jr

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Donald Holbrook

    We all lived on Tarpey,   Max and his little sister Caroline  their mom and dad Max Senior and Nancy.   Next door to them was the Thompson's Stella, Bobby, Dickie, George, Billy (Bird), and last but  definitely not least was Bonnie.   Kind of across the street from me was Fran Smith.   We lived on the right side of the street.  Me Donnie and my brothers John and Karl did our best to keep control over Paul and Rita.  Max and I became friends pretty quick.   We moved in in the middle of the summer just before Carla hit .  Mr. White's classroom six grade. Heights Elementary.  We were all pretty skinny kids we wanted meat on our arms so when my mom made pizza we all scramble for the second piece .   We wanted more rock 'n' roll on the radio. We wanted more volume on the TV.  We wanted more flesh we wanted more blood we wanted more tools in the garage to work on our cars that were coming, we knew they were coming because we were reading Hot Rod Magazine that we bought at the grocery store. George had that 409 Chevy, Max Sr. Had a 56 Belair and my dad had a 57 Fairlane. Yeah we wanted ours and we wanted something else. We got our spanks when we didn't perform up to the task. And we knew there was something just on the other side of the pain from the belt. We found out though, we found blood and death.  We found the awakening with the smell of my burning flesh as I looked over and saw blood on my saddle. When Max came to see me, his eyes got real big and glossy.  As he was standing there a nurse came in the room she had a needle with the ball of cotton on the end of it she wiped my arm off and stuck the needle in my arm and the flowers fell on the floor . Those flowers took us down and we wanted to go, we wanted to go there in a hurry.   I learn to walk again I didn't learn in a hurry but Wayne McManis carry my books for me a lot. I don't think I ever told him how much I appreciated the way he carried my books all the way through the eighth grade.  However I learned to walk again and Walked in the drainage ditches down on the end of the street in the prairie.   And when my father was gone working on that oil rigs out in the gulf I wanted to be a father. That sure tormented my mom four boys one little girl and a woman to raise us can't end good.

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