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07/03/19 08:48 AM #156    


Steve Cox

For me the cruise would be at the top of the list. Love cruising but all of these suggestions are good for me.

07/04/19 11:59 AM #157    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

Great 4th of July to you all. Glad to see some discussion on this site about possibilities for a 70th Birthday Party.  Keep those ideas coming. ........ On a sadder note our classmate and friend Jana Koucourek Teakell has passed away in Waco Texas.  Her services will be next week. I am not sure of the date yet.  Sonny and I will be attending.  My heart is sad but she is no longer in pain.  

God Bless you all with a safe and Happy 4th!!!



07/15/19 12:34 PM #158    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

It is with a heavy heart that I must relay this news to you all...Jana M Kourcek Teakell and George Carl Felkner have passed away,  Jana passed on July 3rd and George passed this day July15th. Jana and George had both been ill for awhile now.  I am totally saddened by this news and wish to you all that you would pray for their families.

Thank you,

Alana Warren Hilden

11/01/19 09:01 AM #159    

Paul Mabry

Our beloved Bob Renfroe passed away this week.  Memorial services will be at 1 p.m. Nov. 27 at First Methodist in Texas City.  


11/27/19 10:15 AM #160    

Leah Rene Chauvin

Does anyone know if Bryan Ohmert had any brothers or sisters.  Since I could not find a full obit on him, I'm adding as much information as I can find on him for a "created" obit.



11/28/19 07:55 AM #161    

Rosann Allbritton (McCormick)

Hi Leah, I just sent you the announcement that Bryan's family sent out on Facebook- it has a name and number to call if you have questions.  Hope that helps! -Rosie




11/28/19 10:20 AM #162    

Paul Mabry

Two of the finest musicians (among many) produced during the Bob Renfroe era at TCHS.  Jerry Atwood, Class of '68, with Hannibal Lokumbe (aka Marvin "Pete" Peterson), Class of '67, at the memorial service for Mr. Renfroe.  Hannibal treated us to his interpretation of a Just Closer Walk With Thee.  Also great to see Pam Hobbs Bradley there.  Happy Thanksgiving!

04/01/20 09:29 PM #163    

Jasper Michael Darby

Not sure how many classmates knew Art Summers , Barbara Summers Briney older brother who passed away this week , but please keep the family in you prayers.


04/20/20 10:35 AM #164    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

Hi everyone, hope you are surviving these most unusual times.  A lot of my younger neighbors and friends find working from home challenging, especially those with children.  I have had "on-the-job" training for this scenario for a few years now, ie retirement.  The stay-at-home transition hasn't been too hard for me.  But seriously, a lot of people  have lost their jobs and even their lives.  It is satisfying to see so many reaching out to help others.  Keep everyone in your prayers.  Beverly  

05/14/20 10:58 AM #165    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield


computer been own but t is back up and running will be checking in more often now


06/09/20 01:59 PM #166    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Happy birthday to all the boys and girls this month, hope all is well an hope everyone has a great day

07/12/20 11:45 AM #167    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield


Happy Birthday to all the birthday girls and boys out here this month, hope everyone has a great and happy day.

Hope everyone is staying safe with all this nasty covid 19 around

07/30/20 03:13 PM #168    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Well it's the end of July and the start of Augest. Here is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the girls and boys this month .I hope all of you have a great and wonderful day.

I am getting tired of  staying home all the time cause of covid 19, i'm sure most of you are the same.

Just hope all are safe and well 

08/18/20 05:16 PM #169    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

09/01/20 10:14 AM #170    

Leah Rene Chauvin

If any of you classmates would like to take over the deceased classmate listings, let me know.

09/03/20 01:15 PM #171    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

It's September and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the boys and girles this month hope all is well with everyone and have  a great day

10/01/20 12:50 PM #172    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Well it's October HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Howllen to all the birthday boys and girls this month hope all is well with everyone and have a great day

11/23/20 10:06 AM #173    

Leah Rene Chauvin

The name of Leslie Meuller that is listed among the classmates profile...his name is spelled:  M U E L L E R.

12/20/20 02:13 PM #174    

Clifford Howard Johnson

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year I want wish everyone a very blessed Christmas. My prayer is that all of our classmates know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour if not there is never a better time than now. Jesus said if you believe in me you have eternal life! God bless.

01/02/21 11:36 AM #175    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

Thanks Clifford  for the note for all to get right with God, Sooner rather than later.  Our class elected class officers to help organize our meetings and put some structure to our group.  Keith Walker was elected President, Philip Cotharn was elected Vice President, Carolyn Baker Ivey was elected Treasurer with Susan Stokes Simmons as her backup.   Ruth McDonald McRary was elected Secretary, Leah Chauvin was elected as Chairperson of the Memorial Committee and of course Wanda Barlow Fife was elected Chairperson of the Events Committee.  It was decided that unless we had something going on with the group we would meet once a quarter starting January 12, 2021.  With all the illness around us and the possible surge in the virus expected right after the New Year it has been decided to wait until April 13 to start our meetings.  I have set-up a Zoom meeting site and we will be able to have those of you interested in joining us at these meetings through Zoom.  As the date approaches I will make available the meeting entry number so you can join us.  I hope you all had a safe, happy new year and continue to be healthy and virus free.  I personally cannot wait for the vaccine to become availble so I can get mine.  May 2021 be a better year for those who are struggling and need relief.  



03/29/21 07:08 PM #176    

Clifford Howard Johnson

Hope everyone has a great week as we remember what Jesus did when he was crucified, buried, and resurrected so that those who trust in him will have eternal life. Have a very blessed Easter.

04/06/21 10:16 AM #177    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

We will have our quarterly class meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at 6:30 pm at Earl Vicknair's resdidence.  If you would like to participate but can't make the trip we have a zoom site.  Please contact Carolyn Baker Ivey or myself and we can give you the credentials to enter the meeting.  These meetings are a lot of fun and we all enjoy visiting and catching up (after the meeting).   Hope to see you there.


04/16/21 04:52 PM #178    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)


November 10, 2020

6:40 pm

Vicknair residence

The 1968 Class of TCHS was called to order by Ruth McRary.  The first order of business:

Officer Nominations.

Keith Walker was nominated from the floor by Margie Gregory Walker for President.   Seconded by Phillip Cotharn.  No other nominations were offered.   Unanimous vote carried.

Keith Walker took over the meeting as President.

A call for Vice President was made.  Phillip Cotharn was nominated by Debbi Lawson Banks.  Seconded by Margie Gregory Walker.  No other nominations were offered.  Unanimous vote carried.

A call for Treasurer was made.  Carolyn Baker Ivey was nominated by Alana Warren Hilden.Seconded by Debbi Lawson Banks.  No other nominations were offered.  Unanimous vote carried.  

A call for Assistant Treasure was made.  Susan Stokes Simmons was nominated by Ruth McDonald McRary.  Seconded by Keith Walker.  No other nominations offered.  Unanimous vote carried. 

  A third signature on the bank card will be the President.  


A call for nomination of Secretary was made.  Ruth McDonald McRary was nominated by

Debbi Lawson Banks.  Seconded by Carolyn Baker Ivey.  No other nominations were offered.

Unanimous vote carried.

A call for nomination of Sergeant of Arms was made.  Earl Vicknair was nominated by Wanda Barlow Fife.  Seconded by Alana Warren Hilden.   Unanimous vote carried.  A second Sergeant of Arms was suggested.  Sharon Brannon Zeringue volunteered.  Unanimous vote carried.  

Memorial Committee Chairperson – (to check with Leah Chauvin).  A memorial book prepared by Leah Chauvin is upstairs at Earl Vicknair’s house.  

Event Committee Chairperson – Wanda Fife was nominated and unanimous vote followed.  Wanda pointed out that the big events only come together because everyone takes part and does their part.  

Old Business:  The birthday party finances were discussed.  Judy Sauer Steffens asked how we came out.  Alana Warren Hilden discussed the expenses and noted that we sent $100.00 gift cards to Jerry Atwood (entertainment) and Greg Vicknair (owner of Pook’s) for their donation of time and place.  It was also discussed that we might look into catering for other  big events.  Also that we come up with a budget expense plan prior to shopping.  

A cost of mail outs was discussed for future reference.  It was noted that donations can be made at any time by members to defray the cost of any event or activity and are greatly appreciated.  

New Business:

Another party as soon as the Covid 19 restrictions and danger is over.  Post minutes of the meeting as soon as they are approved on the class web site.  Have a copy of the minutes and the treasurer’s report available for each member present at the meeting.

A copy will be available to anyone who wants to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Secretary. We will have a quarterly meeting starting January 12, 2021 at 6:30pm.  January meeting to be at Earl Vicknair’s home.  

A motion to adjourn was made by Alana Warren Hilden.  Seconded by Sharon Brannon Zeringue.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.  

Members present:  

Phillip Cotharn (Cathy)                             Wanda Barlow Fife (Dale)

Susan Stokes Simmons                             Earl Vicknair (Debbi)                   

Alana Warren Hilden                                Sharon Brannon Zeringue

Carolyn Baker Ivey                                    Beverly Stricklind

Judy Sauer Steffens                                   Debbi Lawson Banks

Mike Darby                                                  Ruth McDonald McRary

Keith Walker                                                Margie Gregory Walker

Sherrie Scoggins



April 13, 2021

6:35 pm

Vicknair residence

The 1968 Class of TCHS was called to order by Keith Walker, President.

The President called for a reading of the last meeting’s minutes.  The minutes were read by the class Secretary.  The President asked if there were any corrections or additions.  As there were none he called for a motion for the minutes to be accepted as read.  A motion was made by Caroline Baker Ivey.   Seconded by Beverly Stricklind.  The motion carried.

The President called for a reading of the Treasurer’s report.  The Treasurer gave her report and explained since we opened a new account it could not be a business account in that we are not an established business.  It is a senior account and all checks sent to the account can be made out to Caroline Baker Ivey, Susan Stokes Simmons or Keith Walker with a note as to what the money is for.   The President asked if there were any corrections or additions.  As there were none, he called for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Ruth McDonald McRary made the motion.  Wanda Barlow Fife seconded.  The motion carried. 

The President asked if there was any new business.  There was none.

The President asked if there was any old business.

Ruth McDonald McRary said that Leah Chauvin had graciously agreed to continue as Chairperson of the Memorial committee.

The next meeting will be June 8th, 2021 at 6:30 pm.   Margie Gregory Walker will be in charge of getting snacks together with other members for the meetings.  

The President asked if there was any other items that need to be discussed.  As there was no more business he called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Margie Gregory Walker made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Caroline Baker Ivey.  The motion carried.

After some discussion it was requested that these items be added to the minutes of meeting.

That we look into a possible party at a beach house in Galveston.  Ruth McDonald McRary said she would work on it.

It was also discussed that a party could be held again at Pook’s between the months of July and December.  Everyone decided a December Christmas party would be great at Pook’s.  A date of Saturday, December 4, 2021 was made.  More details to be worked out at the next meeting.  

Members present:

Keith Walker                                                Earl (Debbi) Vicknair

Margie Gregory Walker                           Sharon Brannon Zeringue

Wanda Barlow Fife                                                Susan (Neal) Stokes Simmons

Caroline Baker Ivey                                   Debbi Lawson Banks

Shelia Randle Edwards                             Brenda Woods Williams

Mike Darby                                                  Ruth McDonald McRary


04/26/21 05:51 PM #179    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

Maxine Overbeck Stark

Obituary not available.  I am so sorry to have to post this.  My sincerest condolences to her family.


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Clayton Funeral Home Pearland

5530 W. Broadway

Pearland, Texas, United States



6:00 pm

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Clayton Funeral Home Pearland

5530 W. Broadway

Pearland, Texas, United States


Funeral Mass

10:00 am

Friday, April 30, 2021

St. Helens Catholic Church

2209 Old Alvin Rd

Pearland, Texas, United States


04/27/21 05:54 PM #180    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

I am having trouble posting the minutes of our meetings on this site.  I just added the last meeting's minutes after the first meeting.  I am not going to continue to post the minutes on this site.  If you want a copy email me and I will send them that way.  My email address is  You can contact me on Facebook too.  We are having a get together on Saturday, June 12th.  Letters will be going out.  No one knows what tomorrow will bring.  It is fun catching up and just enjoying old friends.  Come if you can.  I had trouble getting started going to these things when I moved back to Texas City, but now I am really glad that I did.  Hope to see as many of you as can make the journey to Texas City or just across town.  You can contact any member of the committee for more information.  


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