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04/23/15 10:32 PM #104    


Pamela Welch (Hawthorne)

You are welcome George. We have lost four friends in 15 days. I understand about Bobby. all of us were friends growing up in the same neighborhood. I got to know Harry a lot better in the last few years. I did what I could to help him get back and forth to the doctor and to the grocery store and make him a part of my family with my grandkids and children. He will certainly be missed by his church family as well as mine. Glad we've been able to keep in touch all these years. Let's keep it that way old friend.

05/19/15 11:22 AM #105    

Ralph Eugene Delanoix

You know, i just read Michael's note about Bobby and Mrs. Longbreak's 3rd grade class.  My goodness that was such a long time ago.  I was in that class as well as Cindy Jordan i believe.  Anyone else remember that class?  I may still have a class photo and if i can find it, i will post it.  


05/29/15 09:54 PM #106    

Rob Thomas

1968 Classmates -  I haven't posted on here but do enjoy reading your posts.  Ann & I recently attended an exhibit at the Colorado history museum here in Denver.  It was called The 1968 Exhibit and it was great.  Here's a brief description:

In 1968, the death toll in the Vietnam War reached a new high. Riots and demonstrations raged across the country, Apollo 8 orbited the moon, and the nation was transformed by the tragic assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy. The 1960s also charted a dramatic road in America’s pop culture. It was in 1968 that Hair opened on Broadway, “Laugh-In” debuted on television and Johnny Cash gave his famous performance at Folsom Prison.

Developed by the Minnesota History Center, in partnership with the Atlanta History Center, the Chicago History Museum and the Oakland Museum of California, The 1968 Exhibit is an ambitious, multimedia experience that looks at how the events of the year have fueled a persistent, if often contradictory, sense of identity for the people who were there and those who came after.

If it comes to the Houston/Galveston area, I'd recommend you go see it. I hadn't realized the historical and political significance of our senior year.  It brought back so many memories.

Take care -

Rob Thomas


06/16/15 08:51 PM #107    

Paul Mabry

The TCISD Foundation is seeking nominations for its 10th Hall of Honor Class.  The Class of '67 has had a number of honorees, but none yet from '68.  Surely we have several deserving in our midst; if you know of a worthy candidate, here is a link to the nomination form:

You can see the prior winners and learn more about the Foundation here:


07/20/15 10:25 PM #108    

Shannon Anderson Clark

Lawrence Roseblad died on July 14, 2015.  His obituary can be seen in the The Daily News.  The funeral will be held tomorrow at 3:00PM at the Forest Park East Funeral Home and Cemetery, located at 21620 Gulf Freeway, Webster, Texas.  May his memory be eternal.

07/20/15 10:28 PM #109    

Shannon Anderson Clark

Sunday 07/19/2015

Lawrence Eric Rosenblad, Jr.

Lawrence Eric Rosenblad, Jr. (“Larry”) passed away in Cypress, Texas on July 14, 2015 at age 64. He was born in Texas City, Texas in 1950 and was the son of Dr. Lawrence Eric Rosenblad and Dr. Joan Rosenblad. He graduated from Texas City High School in 1968 and subsequently served in the U.S. Navy from 1970 to 1974. After his service, he received a B.A. in Industrial Business Management from University of Houston and began working for Cameron Iron Works, where he had a fulfilling career until his passing.

In his younger years, Larry was an accomplished golfer and enjoyed his time on the golf course with his dear friends. In his later years, he enjoyed fishing, hunting and spending time with his family. He will be remembered for his friendship, patience, positive attitude and giving spirit.

Larry is survived by his wife of 39 years, Gail Lamar (Lynch) Rosenblad, his daughters Rachael Renee Gaines and Sharon Anne Wilson, sons-in law Todd Strawder Gaines and Jason Adam Wilson, grandchildren Brady Adam Wilson, Lauren Olivia Wilson, Connor Lawrence Gaines, and Emily Anne Gaines. He is also survived by his mother, Dr. Joan Rosenblad, and his siblings, Nancy (Marc) Bedford, Susan (Jack) Parish, and John Rosenblad.

Funeral services will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21st, at Forest Park East Funeral Home and Cemetery, located at 21620 Gulf Freeway, Webster, Texas 77598.

This the obituary from the daily news, galveston, texas.

07/21/15 09:45 PM #110    


Marian Armstrong (Millo)

So sorry to just learn of fellow classmate Lawrence Rosenblad's passing away last week. He was such a great guy! Does anyone know what happened to him? Also, another dear sweet childhood friend and classmate of mine at the end of April, Kathy Ann Morton..We were very good friends in Jr. Hi and later our kids went to school and graduated in Santa Fe. ):

07/22/15 09:18 AM #111    


Pamela Welch (Hawthorne)

Yes, we have lost another one of our classmates. Isn't that about 6 since April? It's a shame that it hasn't been acknowledged on our memorial page where we list our lost friends.

07/23/15 06:38 AM #112    

Ralph Eugene Delanoix

It is unfortunate that as we travel through our senior years, losing our friends is going to become more frequent.  It is also a blessing to know that there are a lot of us still around and many of you as well as myself are believers and pray warriors.  It is important to keep each other lifted up and our families prayed over to keep them safe and healthy.  Growing up in Texas City with many of you were times I will cherish for the rest of my life.  We built friendships that have lasted a life time and more.  I can only hope that my grand daughter will have an opportunity to be around people like yourselves as she grows up and becomes the fine woman i know she will be.  I had to slip that in as River is the absolute love of my life and I had no idea how having a grand child would change my life forever.  Let me end this with simply saying that there is a place in my heart for everyone of the class of 1968 and I will keep you and your family in my prayers always!

I have not seen a response as to what happened to Larry.  I had not talked to Larry in a long time other than a time or two in this forum.  If anyone can share, please do.

As always,


07/23/15 08:21 PM #113    


Rebecca Ann (Becky) Martin (Calloway)

I was sad to hear that Bubba Rosenblad had died. I had family friends who lived down the alley from him and spent many hours playing with him during the elementary years. We used to walk home together during our Blocker years. Unfortunately grew apart during High School. He always had a ready smile and a kind word, except when I still called him Bubba in Mr. Lombards speech class in Seventh Grade!  He wanted to be Lawrence then. 

07/27/15 02:49 PM #114    


Pamela Welch (Hawthorne)

Keep up the good work. I can't help you with any pictures but I know someone will be able to help you. someone knows someone.

08/01/15 11:03 AM #115    


Deborah Ann Smith (Neubauer)

Leah, I have a subscription to and if I have some more info about them I can probably find something.  Not all obits of course are listed, nor marriages, deaths, etc., but I can certainly look and see. 

12/13/15 06:42 AM #116    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

Merry Christmas from Colorado! Hope we all enjoy this season of joy and reflect on God's many blessings.  Even the challenges are there to help us!  Beverly

12/14/15 07:09 PM #117    


Cliff Waddell Jr

Hope you and your family have a Merry Chritmas also ! Only 3 years to celebrate our 50th class reunion !

12/15/15 09:51 AM #118    

Sandra Ann May

Happy Holidays from San Francisco to EVERYONE   Sandra 

12/15/15 03:57 PM #119    


Pamela Welch (Hawthorne)

A very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year to everyone. May 2016 be our best year yet!

06/12/16 05:19 PM #120    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Here to all the birthday babys out there this month HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come

06/12/16 05:27 PM #121    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

where is everybody getting awfull quite on here hope the rain stays away for a while so we can dry out

06/14/16 08:41 AM #122    

Paul Mabry

I meant to post earlier, but my Dad and I made a trip to Lakeway a couple of months to visit Bob Renfroe.  He and Betty are living at a very nice assisted living facility, The Harbor, having recently moved there from Georgetown.  Despite some recent health challenges, he was looking and moving well and Betty was absolutely hilarious.  If you are ever in the area, I know they would welcome hearing from you. 

06/16/16 12:41 PM #123    

Jerry N. Atwood

Thanks for the info, Paul!  I'd love to give them a visit.

06/20/16 05:24 PM #124    

Paul Mabry

Jerry ... your ears should have been ringing when we visited him a few weeks ago.  He had very warm things to say about you.

08/18/16 03:18 PM #125    

Wanda Barlow (Fife)

Go to the Mossing Classmates and it pops up.  No idea how or why they changed it but the In Memory list is still there.

09/25/16 01:52 PM #126    

Paul Mabry

Greetings Former Band Members:

            All former drum majors, assistant drum majors and band members/stingarettes/twirlers are invited to attend the TCHS Stingaree varsity football game on Friday, October 28, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the stadium.  Those who still play their instrument may play with the band in the stands.  At half time, all alumni will be invited to take the field and march under the direction of Band Director Matthew Raines (TCHS Class of 1994).

            Prior to the game, all band alumni are invited to the Rotary Club of Texas City pre-game dinner in the TCHS Cafeteria (1431 9th Avenue North – back of school entrance).  The meal will be a pulled pork sandwich, chips, drink and cookie for $8.00 (pay at the door).  The meal will be served from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.  Band alumni may also pick up their pre-paid game tickets and pre-paid alumni shirts in the TCHS Cafeteria at this time.

            On Saturday, October 29th, there will be a dinner in the TCHS Cafeteria at 5:00 p.m.  The TCHS Jazz Band will provide the entertainment.  Alumni are also invited to perform at the dinner.

Please see attached form for reservation, tickets and other information.

Please contact Barbara White with any questions at:

409-739-2268 or email:

 (You'll need to contact Barbara for the attachment with full details, including forms they need; note that all alumni are invited to march at half time ... no instruments.  This will be one of the signature drills to "Swingin' On Parade."  We did this a few years ago, and it was not only a huge group, but a blast.  Bob Refroe will be in attendance.)



12/08/16 09:41 PM #127    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

12/22/16 02:10 PM #128    

Ralph Eugene Delanoix

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my Texas City High School brothers and sisters.  May 2016 close out with nothing but blessings and joy and may 2017 be a year of new beginnings and blessing for all of us.  

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