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02/08/17 08:06 PM #135    

Jasper Michael Darby

David, Mike Sartar has his profile set up if he cant get on the web site he is probably using the wrong password. Dont know if I can change passwords anymore but if he has a good EMAIL ADD. I will try, If I cant then Jewel will have to change it.  

02/08/17 08:15 PM #136    

Jasper Michael Darby

I dont know if Romo has one more year,but he will make more money in Dallas watching Dak than he can get from Indy to sit and watch Luck.Besides I thought we were tight now you want to let him go to our rival,I see how you Cowboy fans are now.

02/09/17 06:49 PM #137    

Barbara J. Friloux (Rygaard)

I'd trade him for JJ but nobody else. I would love to see him m go to another team tho and do well before he's too old and too damaged to do so. That's how Cowboy fans are, they support their players even when they leave us.

05/25/17 07:10 PM #138    

Sharon Sue Brannon (Zeringue)

Leah, FYI Wanda Katherine Nichols passeed away January 22, 2017. Dont know details


05/26/17 03:17 PM #139    

Sharon Sue Brannon (Zeringue)

Kathy Nichols married name was Collins (Joe), not sure if they were still married at time of death

07/19/17 11:24 AM #140    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

Hello everyone,  it's been along time.  I see most of you are recieving e-mails.  Just wanted to request that all go to your profile and check your e-mail and make any changes.  I appreciate your help.

Alana Hilden

08/27/17 09:04 AM #141    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

hope all in the home town area are doing ok with all of thei rain down there we have had light rain here good luck to all


08/29/17 08:30 AM #142    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

The news coverage of Hurricane Harvey shows so much devastation.  I cannot imagine dealing with such rain and flooding.  I know many of you must have experienced some terrible situations and my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Hope you recover from this unbelievable storm. 

02/13/18 07:32 AM #143    

Barbara J. Friloux (Rygaard)

I believe he had an older brother, Larry?  He passed away maybe while we were still in high school or shortly thereafter maybe?

02/13/18 02:40 PM #144    

Delois Ann Luhning (Griffin)

Babs is right, Tommy’s older brother passed away in 1979. He also had a younger brother, Michael James. He still lives in the Texas City area. 

02/14/18 07:54 AM #145    

Delois Ann Luhning (Griffin)

Typo, it was 1970.

04/20/18 09:59 AM #146    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

My yearbook got destroyed years ago.  I've searched and am unable to purchase a replacement.

Our 50th reunion is quickly approaching and my memory is quickly fading.  Is anyone interested in scanning our graduating class section and posting it on this website?  Thanks.  Beverly Zikes Henke

04/21/18 10:37 AM #147    

Jerry N. Atwood

I haven't searched this website, but is it possible that someone has disassembled their yearbook and scanned it?  My yearbook is almost certainly somewhere in my 91 year old mom's house there in Texas City, but it would disrupt her aging mind for me to even ask to rummage around in her stuff, and she can't see to look herself.  Otherwise I'd have disassembled mine years ago and scanned the whole thing.  I was a nerd and it has very few marks in it.  So if someone out there has done this, let me know.  If not, if someone has a pretty clean copy and wouldn't mind it being disassembled with the reward being a scanned copy available for all, let me know, I'd volunteer the service.

09/12/18 10:41 AM #148    

Barbara J. Friloux (Rygaard)

The 50 year reunion was a huge success. The decorations, food and band were outstanding and I think everyone had a great time. Thanks again to the committee for a job well done. Can't wait until next time when we get together and celebrate the awesome class of 68!

09/13/18 11:01 AM #149    

Dianne M. Shannon (Patterson)

I totally agree with Babs' comments! It was an awesome event and so very much appreciated! Thanks to Wanda and the entire committee that worked so hard for the rest of us! It was a huge success!!

09/13/18 01:53 PM #150    


Rebecca Ann (Becky) Martin (Calloway)

I agree with Babs and Diane! The only thing that could have made it better was for those who chose not to attend to have shown up and joined in! Thanks to each and every committee member for all the planning and hard work that brought it all to fruition!

09/14/18 08:48 AM #151    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

Every reunion is better than the one before!  Why should I be amazed when I know the planning committee is the best ever?  Thanks so much for the countless hours of planning and work.   You are such a dedicated and talented team.   Without you, this reunion would have been so very different.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible,   It was wonderful seeing our classmates and having an opportunity to catch up with our stories. 

06/24/19 01:55 PM #152    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

Dear Classmates:   an e-mail has been sent to you all and hope that you know by now that this web-site has been re-activated.   We will look forward to any and all reponses in the future!  Welcome back y'all.

Alana Warren Hilden


06/29/19 10:13 AM #153    

Jasper Michael Darby

Leah , I was able to add them to the list, someone else was supposed to be taking over the site but I guess that didn't happen.

07/01/19 12:28 PM #154    

Leah Rene Chauvin

Thanks, Darby, for adding the names.  I do not have access to adding any names to the In Memory section.  I see that some classmates have added stories to dec'd classmates.  I'll have to get copies of thier comments to add to the In Memory Book.

07/02/19 11:18 AM #155    

Judy Sauer (Steffens)

It's time to start thinking about another great get-to-gether while we still can. Thinking about our 70th birthday party and ideas for it. I'm thinking someplace fun with some games and music. Pooks was great at our 45th reunion party. Also thinking LaBrisa with the big palapa ( I-45 or hwy 146 ) or Stuttgarden Tavern at Mall of the Mainland. I've also thought a class of '68 cruise out of Galveston would be great.  


Any thoughts on this would be a good discussion.

07/03/19 08:48 AM #156    


Steve Cox

For me the cruise would be at the top of the list. Love cruising but all of these suggestions are good for me.

07/04/19 11:59 AM #157    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

Great 4th of July to you all. Glad to see some discussion on this site about possibilities for a 70th Birthday Party.  Keep those ideas coming. ........ On a sadder note our classmate and friend Jana Koucourek Teakell has passed away in Waco Texas.  Her services will be next week. I am not sure of the date yet.  Sonny and I will be attending.  My heart is sad but she is no longer in pain.  

God Bless you all with a safe and Happy 4th!!!



07/15/19 12:34 PM #158    

Alana Warren (Hilden)

It is with a heavy heart that I must relay this news to you all...Jana M Kourcek Teakell and George Carl Felkner have passed away,  Jana passed on July 3rd and George passed this day July15th. Jana and George had both been ill for awhile now.  I am totally saddened by this news and wish to you all that you would pray for their families.

Thank you,

Alana Warren Hilden

11/01/19 09:01 AM #159    

Paul Mabry

Our beloved Bob Renfroe passed away this week.  Memorial services will be at 1 p.m. Nov. 27 at First Methodist in Texas City.  


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